Audio Online:

Smiley, CBC, short fiction, 2014

various, mostly poems, various years, Soundcloud

interview and sample of short fiction “Smiley”, North by Northwest, CBC

poems, 2011, Brick Books


Selected Texts Online:

Am I Too Embarrassed to Save My Life, NY Times, 2017

Would You Like a Little Gramma On Those? Joyland, 2016

Infarct, I Did, Rumpus, essay, 2016

Social Discourse, 1944, Missouri Review, print 2003, online 2015

Cripples, story, Manifest Station, 2015

Things That Didn’t Happen, essay, Manifest Station, 2014

Smiley, short fiction, CBC Canada Writes, 2014;

Smiley, En Route, short fiction, April 2014

Bird Nights, short fiction, Numero Cinq, 2012

What Kept Me Together After the Divorce, essay, Salon, 2011

My Photos are Memorials to Lost Little Lives, essay, Globe and Mail, Facts and Arguments, 2011

RPO, poems

Canadian Poetry Online, poems