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Making Room Anthology: 40 Years of Room Magazine


Growing Room: A Feminist Literary Festival Come celebrate! I’ll be reading at the following events:

BFFFs (Best Fictional Friends Forever), Vancouver, March 11. 3:30 p.m. @ Growing Room, 24 West 4th Avenue with Carleigh Baker, Nilofar Shidmehr, and Kellee Ngan.

Insert Innuendo Here, 1:00 p.m. @Growing Room, 24 W 4th Avenue, with Dina del Bucchia, Jen Sookfung Lee, and Amber Dawn.

Am I Too Embarrassed to Save My Life? NY Times


Roar Feminist Magazine

Happy to announce I’ll be doing a bi-weekly column on intersectional feminism with a special emphasis on disability for Roar Feminist.

The Many Gendered Mothers

I’ve signed on as an editor for the great new website Many Gendered Mothers, where we hope to gather short essays about your female and nonbinary literary influences. You can send your essays to me at, or to one of the other editors (Adèle Barclay, Natalee Caple, Klara du Plessis, Sonnet L’Abbé, rob mclennan, Hazel MillAr, Jacqueline Valencia + Erin Wunker) or to


I’m writing the fifth draft of a novel called SNOW, but, while pausing, perplexed by next moves, I wrote the rudimentary first draft of novel called THE GREY CLOSET.

I get a lot of writing done by procrastinating. I proscrastinated on SNOW by writing THE GREY CLOSET, then when I became perplexed by next steps in THE GREY CLOSET, I fooled around on it by writing a still-untitled essay on rape, but I got perplexed by the pain in that, so I fooled around on it with an essay about historical homophobia for a US antho, and because I wasn’t paying enough attention to the call, I instead wrote an essay about historical misogyny, and then a crude first draft of the essay they had actually asked for, and then I wrote about fifteen poems and flash fictions.

The good news about working fractured like this is that there’s almost always something I can tolerate going back to if I run into a brick wall with the piece I’m attempting to move forward in. The bad news is that things don’t get finished.


The New Quarterly used one of my Paris paintings on the cover of their recent issue. That made three times this year my artwork was used in a lit publication.

A few of my art pieces appear either on FB or on my blog heading articles. I’m slowly working on a feminist text and art book for which I’ll need about fifty pieces.


notable, Best American Essays, ed Jonathan Franzen, 2016

included, Best Canadian Poetry, ed Helen Humphreys, 2016