Are you getting lacklustre responses from editors? Learn from a writer with 9 books and 35 years experience. Publications in the NY Times, The Sun, Salon, Seventeen, Missouri Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, The Rumpus, The Globe and Mail, Macleans, and many more.

How does a writer shape a sentence that pops off the page? How do you create a beginning that grabs people, an end that satisfies, a middle that doesn’t muddle?

I have two options for you:

1)  Editing and consultation rates: $75/hour or part. In a one-hour session, I’m happy to assess and give notes on up to five 12-point, Times font, double-spaced pages of text (1″ margins) followed by a free-flowing and/or structured chat about your work and/or the world of writing.

2)  A three or five-day one-on-one course (30 hours) is designed to take you back to basics in short fiction or personal essay writing, and build you up as a more vivid author. Learn how to fashion your essentials–your sentences, your phrases, your paragraphs, and how and why these fragments are mandatory to building scintillating finished work.

Learn how to write from your gut in the writing that can only come from fabulous you. Nobody else has your experiences to draw from, after all. Nobody else can write the essay or story that’s inside you. You are unique. This is a chance to build your skills to be as unique as your

Come to beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada, and stay in my small B+B on a quaint and charming Gulf Island mere miles from Vancouver, and we’ll spend 6 hours a day M-F generating new and captivating work. Should you want to spend a day island-exploring, or playing, we can set our workshop hours accordingly.

I aim to teach writers how to get better. At the end of the week, you will understand how to grapple with beginnings, plot, character, dialogue, the long middle, and endings, and you will have written a draft story or non-fiction piece that sings.

Wherever you are in the world, frustrated writers, Canada, China, Turkey, Tanzania, or Australia or somewhere else entirely, it’s time.


•ferry or plane pickup and drop-off

•island mini tour (the basics)

•five nights in private bedroom with queen bed, shared bath in quiet, amenity-loaded, small house with sunny exposure, porch, gorgeous perennial garden and lawn swing; five minutes from trail to beach, ten minute drive from lake swimming, 7 minute drive to groceries, 10 minute drive to town

•breakfast and lunch supplies

•six flexible hours of workshop per day (you decide which hours work for you)

•any free local literary events

•unlimited writing chats


$100/night, 3 night minimum

•cleaning fee: $50 (3-5 nights)


$450/day, 3 day minimum (feel free to book lodging elsewhere or, if an island-resident, to just take the workshop)

3 days: $1300 plus tax

5 days: $2350 plus tax


extra days: please inquire

rides: $5-15 per, depending on destination

Inquire for reservations:

Twitter: @eatonhamilton

From Students:

“Thanks! I thought being with one teacher for a week would be intense, and it was. The attention was on my work and nothing but my work for an entire week, which means I accomplished more than I ever had before. Plus I understood things in a new light. At the end I knew why my dialogue wasn’t working and how to fix it. Best course ever.” JS 2015

“I’m back in China after a week in Vancouver on a seriously-intensive, one-to-one writing course with Jane Eaton Hamilton, a Canadian author. In addition, she arranged for us to visit the Vancouver International Film Festival and attend some readings, adding to the overall literary experience. It’ll probably take months for me to realise the significance of everything I’ve been exposed to.

“She asked me to write only a paragraph of what I fear the most, what disturbs me and I don’t ever want to talk about. But by the time I’d written half a page it was out of control. I couldn’t move my hand across the page fast enough to form the words.

“I’d found where my writing will have to come from, if I’m to become a good writer. That place was not my head, not my intellect. It was a watershed.” AP 2014