Book me for your festival, your panel, your reading series. My areas of expertise are:

•readings from my books/Q+As

•being queer/genderqueer and queer rights acquisitions in Canada (I was a litigant in Canada’s same-sex marriage case)

•queer domestic violence including battering and sexual asssault

•sexual violence (I am a passionate feminist and supporter of revamping Canada’s outdated sexual violence laws)

•animal whispering (inquire about my crow experience)

•cardiac personal experience (I have had two MIs and numerous surgeries for heart troubles)


Jane Eaton Hamilton

My literary agent can be contacted at:

Carolyn Forde

Westwood Creative Artists

94 Harbord Street   Toronto, ON   M5S 1G6, Canada   Phone: 416-964-3302   Fax 416-975-920

For inquiries regarding photography or art, please contact me via email.