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CBC fiction contest longlist

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The CBC announced the longlist for this year’s CBC Short Story Prize. I was pleased that my story “The River of Running Sand” garnered a nomination.

“The River of Running Sand” is set in northern Thailand at a human zoo where tourists come to gawk at hill tribe villagers.  The protagonist is a teenager longing to emigrate to Canada, but she is kept stateless, without papers, and can only emigrate for humanitarian purposes–or because she cheats her way out of the country.

The CBC Short Story Prize is Canada’s most prestigious award for a single piece of short fiction.

CBC Short Story Award Longlist




Lambda nomination!

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Nominated for a Lambda:  Outer Voices, Inner Lives, a collection of LGBTQ writers over 50, ed Mark McNease and Stephen Dolainski (my contribution: the short story “Just Be Glad You Have Heels”).  Nominated as well were Canadians Sina Queyras for MxT, Anne Marie Macdonald for “Adult Onset” and Shani Mootoo for “Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab” and many other Canadians.

Read Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian for a full round-up.


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