ROAR Feminist magazine is 100 days old!

by janeeatonhamilton


The fabulous and fierce ROAR feminist magazine roared into our lives 100 days ago last week! In this short time, ROAR has already published 300 pieces, including their daily story about abortion. What a place! What writing! Every resister should be thrilled this publication is alive and thriving–this is intersectional feminism writ large and brave and confrontational. (Full disclosure: I’m a columnist for ROAR.) Join us, join us, join us! Join us as curious and engaged readers, as kick-ass writers, as financial contributors, as trouble-makers on the honed edge of change. Congrats, ROAR!

Here is the write up from the ROAR 100 day fundraiser and an update on some of the problems they’ve encountered along the way from haters.

Last week, Roar celebrated 100 days of daily publication. We are an intersectional feminist publication at the intersection of politics and culture. We launched to fight the new regime on Trump’s inauguration day, January 20. We’re in it for the long haul.  Now, we need your help.

In our first 100 days, we published 300 essays, stories, calls to action, poems, a daily first person abortion account, and much more.

Now we are expanding to offer a wider range of columnists who will look more closely at
the experience in Trump’s America of Black Americans, Native Americans, Disabled People, Jewish and Muslim Americans, Aging Peoplee, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming folkx and other hated groups.

We are expanding to get more involved in direct political action, to get into it around voter registration, voter suppression and getting out the vote.

We need your support to handle our increased costs, to pay our phenomenal liability insurance bill and to increase our security measures – because when you challenge hate, people hate you and try to hurt you.

It’s that simple.

We rely on the generous support of friends like you to make Roar possible. Help us by donating any amount today. Every bit helps.

And please consider joining our Founders’ Security Circle with a gift of $100 or more to help secure our future.

Thank you.