Jane Eaton Hamilton

"I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.” – Lillian Hellman

Three Cheers for Writers!

I see people on FB thanking various helping professions often, people whose work, I know, is to be lauded, but whose work is paid and generally, at least in Canada, comes with benefits.

I’ve never seen anyone thank writers, so I’m going to.  Thank you, writers, for labouring so intensively, usually without even the hope let alone the promise of even minimum wage, never mind benefits, to produce works of art that will live in our hearts and minds forever, that will change us in countless, wonderful, unexpected ways, that will build bridges between communities, that will make us laugh and weep and learn and despair and celebrate and forget ourselves for an hour or a day or a week.

We need you, and we will never stop needing you.  So when it’s hard, when you feel you can’t go on for another word or paragraph, know that we’re out here, appreciating all that you do to make books come true .  Three cheers!

Yellow Warblers and Poetry in Montreal ($20,000 prize)

A pair of twitchy yellow warblers tumbling themselves through the tree branches today, no doubt in some kind of fat bird mating nirvana; a huge thrill for me as I’ve never seen any before.  Now if a pileated woodpecker would just attack the cedar tree, I’d be in heaven.

In writing news, kids, the Montreal International Poetry Prize is finishing up for the year, so get your entries buffed, prettied and submitted.  Catch this, my babios:  the purse is $20,000.

Montreal Prize

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